The Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) has engaged the US Mission in Uganda new Counselor for Political and Economic Affairs, Kimberly Harrington.

During a meeting held on September 6, 2018, at the EPRC boardroom, Harrington was briefed on the EPRC scope of work, Uganda’s macro economic environment, and the state of corruption, oil and gas among others.

Accompanied by Seth A. Miller, the Economic Commercial Officer US Mission in Uganda, Harrington inquired about various aspects on the current state and structure of Uganda’s economy.

The guests were particularly interested in understanding how Uganda’s Macro economic stability has translated into distributable wealth for the benefit of all Ugandans as well as government’s interventions towards serving the growing pubic debt.

Also discussed were issues pertaining to corruption, regional trade and integration.

US Counselor EPRC Sept 6 b

Responding to some of these issues, Dr. I brahim Kasirye, the Principal Research Fellow, explained that EPRC has for the past five years contributed policy papers and produced annual corruption reports aimed towards addressing corruption issues in the country.

In relation to expected windfalls from oil economies, Paul Lakuma, a Research Fellow at EPRC explained the oil revenue sharing mechanisms that the government has put in place, emphasizing that the bulk of the soil funds have be earmarked to bridge the large infrastructure gap.

He however observed the need to invest part of the money within the agriculture sector that employs majority of Ugandans.

Regarding the structure of the economy, Dr. Ezra Munyambonera explained that the economy is dominated by the service sectors, which are growing faster than agriculture and other productive sectors.

Other Researchers and Staff in attendance briefed the delegates on the Centre’s mandate within Uganda and the regional blocs such as EAC and COMESA. Also mentioned were the center’s research products and approaches used to engage with policy actors.

The meeting concluded by both parties agreeing to collaborate and share information pertaining to Uganda’s economy as and when appropriate.

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