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African states need smart negotiators and strong policy frameworks to stop exploitation of their scarce resources by the foreign investors and development partners.

Dr. Madina Guloba a senior research fellow at EPRC observed as panelist during the second Kampala Geopolitics conference 2019 on October17, 2019 at Makerere University, Kampala.

Discussing under the theme “Who is stealing Africa’s wealth?: Investment, trade and exploitation on the continent”, Dr.Guloba said there is need for strong nation states who moderate investments and prevent the plundering of their wealth.

For every economy, you cannot run away from political influence in implementing and enforcing policy frameworks, she argued. In negotiating terms of engagement with development partners and investors, we need to be strict and smart in the rule of the game lest we fall into a trap. “Negotiations with partners must be precise, fit within our development agenda and not leave gaps for reconsiderations. What you negotiate for is what you get and not what you deserve. Take a firm stand and do not be carried by intent to please your former colonial masters “said the researcher.

There is also need to build strong institutions to hold government accountable for every single penny spent. We should have enough capabilities to check the loopholes for instance in the procurement processes and reduce issues around informalities.

Guloba added that for the private sector to flourish there is need for good governance and rule of law. She argued that issues of transparency must be well articulated for instance around over the performance of 22 state owned enterprises. Possible willingness of some African leaders to connive with the looters ought to be interrogated.

The researcher asserted that nation states should avoid preferential treatment for foreign investors when giving incentives. Let opportunities be given to all investors irrespective of origin.she contended. Challenged the private sector to be confident of what they are entitled to.

Other members of the panel moderated by Mr. Ivan Okuda,a journalist with Daily Monitor, were Mr. Gunter Rieck of KAS Germany,Dr.Maggie Kigozi of UNIDO,Mr.Ingo Badoreck,KAS Rule of Law Programme West Africa and Mr. Morrison Rwakakamba of Fenix International.


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