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Child Poverty and Deprivation in Refugee-Hosting Areas: Evidence from Uganda

This study assessed child poverty, deprivation and social service delivery in refugee and host communities in selected districts in the country’s three major refugee-hosting areas: West Nile, a subregion of Northern region that borders South Sudan; the country’s South West, which borders the DRC and Rwanda; and the capital, Kampala.

Uganda: Political Economy Analysis

This political economy analysis (PEA) focuses on uncovering key drivers in the policy and decision- making steps characterizing the budget process in Uganda, with a particular focus on sectors related to children.

Uganda: Fiscal Space Analysis

This Fiscal Space Analysis provides a better understanding of the role of political economy factors in processes and decisions around the creation and use of fiscal space for investments in children in Uganda. 

The State of  the Ugandan Child: An Analytical Overview

The report is a result of an extensive secondary and primary data analysis in the domains of health and nutrition, education, child protection, child participation, and a cross-cutting focus on the girl child.

Road map for improving adolescent health

April 2016: The writing and overall coordination of this document was made by members of the Adolescent Health Technical working group under the leadership of the ministry of health.

Investment Case for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health sharpened plan for Uganda.

For reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health sharpened plan for Uganda. 

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