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This Social Policy Outlook summarises findings published in two 2018 UNICEF publications: Uganda: Fiscal Space Analysis and
Uganda: Political Economy Analysis, with additional statistics from the Uganda National Household Survey 2016/17, and the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey 2016/17.

National Forum on the State of the Ugandan Child: Briefing Note

This briefing note presents evidence-based data on the national and regional state of the Ugandan child. It highlights levels of adolescent pregnancies; HIV prevalence rates; stunting; education survival rates; Early Grade Reading Assessment; violence against children in schools; and orphanhood status.

Policy brief/Emerging global challenges: urbanization

By 2035, it is estimated that 30 percent of the population will be urban dwellers, a high proportion of them children and youth. This Policy Brief highlights the child poverty rates in Kampala district, threats to adolescent urban youths and puts forth policy recommendations to reduce the risks of rapid urbanisation and give children and young women hope for the future. 

Policy brief/Emerging global challenges: climate related hazards

Temperatures in Uganda are predicted to rise by unprecented 1.5 degrees celsius in the next 20 years and by up to 4.4 degrees celsius by 2060s. This Policy Brief spells the impact climate related hazards on children and the possible policy recommnedations. 

Investing in Water and Environment  2017/18

BUDGET BRIEF NO. 2017/4 (Source: National BFP FY 2017/18 - 2021/22)

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