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Climate change

Climate change

Children –particularly the 55% living in poverty– are especially vulnerable to the environmental effects of climate change, and climate related shocks. On the basis that many of the main killers of children (e.g. malaria, diarrhoea and undernutrition) are highly sensitive to climate conditions, addressing climate change will yield concrete actions to protect children and increase their resilience. 

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Emerging Global Challenges: Climate-related hazards and urbanization: Protecting Uganda’s children

Launched on 19 July 2017 in Kampala, the report notes that climate change, environmental degradation and urbanization are increasingly responsiblen for creating new risks, and putting pressure on poverty reduction efforts while fostering and deepening socio-economic inequities. It outlines policy recommendations to among others, mitigate impacts of climate related hazards on children.

Policy brief/Emerging global challenges: climate related hazards

Temperatures in Uganda are predicted to rise by unprecented 1.5 degrees celsius in the next 20 years and by up to 4.4 degrees celsius by 2060s. This Policy Brief spells the impact climate related hazards on children and the possible policy recommnedations. 

Multimedia: Crosscutting issues & Emerging global challenges