Ezra Francis Munyambonera is the Head of the Macroeconomics Department. He joined EPRC in August 2011 as a Research Fellow after which he was elevated to Senior Research Fellow in March 2016. Prior to joining EPRC, he worked with the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) in Coffee Policy and Strategy Development (1996-2011).

He has a PhD in Economics from Makerere University. He also holds a MSc Agricultural Economics and a BSc Agriculture (majoring in Agricultural Economics) of Makerere University. His other appointments include Research Assistant- Socioeconomics (Uganda coffee/banana farming systems), Department of Agricultural Economics Makerere University (1991-1994); Part-time Lecturer Makerere University Business School (MUBS) from 2009-2011.

His areas of research and policy include macroeconomic analysis, multi-sectoral strategy formulation and evaluation, public sector management, public expenditure analysis and local economic development, export sector competitiveness and trade integration (value chain profitability and domestic resource cost), financial sector performance and access to and use of financial services in Uganda.

Ezra Francis Munyambonera: publications

Agriculture Finance Year Book 2019: Development Financing for Agro-industrialisation

The 2019 Agricultural Finance Yearbook, which is the ninth edition in the series, offers in-depth analysis of the trends in the sector performance, with particular emphasis on interventions to promote agro-industrialisation.

Uganda’s coffee product space

This paper outlines the programs required to exploit opportunities in the growing specialty coffee market for (both Robusta and Arabicas) in USA and Europe as well as the prospects for further upgrading and integration in the global coffee value chain (GVC). 

Positioning Tea as a Priority Commodity for  Uganda’s Agro-industrialisation

This paper analayses the relationship between the Integrated Agro industrialisation Model and the tea value chain, the current status of tea with respect to manufacturing and proposes key reforms to ensure a sustainable tea sector. 

The Distributional Impacts of Fiscal Consolidation in Uganda

This paper employs the dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) model to examine tax design issues that arise in addressing debt increases.

Expanding the Pension Sector in Uganda

The study investigates the nature of additional reforms required to expand pension coverage in Uganda. Specifically, the study focuses on governance and regulation, scope and coverage, efficiency, and competitiveness with specific reference to national social security, fiscal burden of the public pension scheme, and entry of new players in the pension space.

Ezra Francis Munyambonera (PhD)

Ezra Francis Munyambonera Research Fellow

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