The Deputy Political and Economic Counselor for U.S. Embassy in Uganda, Ms. Rebecca Hunter made a courtesy call to the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC).

Accompanied by Olivia Nalubwama, a Political Assistant U.S. Mission Kampala, Hunter who arrived in July this year, met among others, Dr. Isaac Shinyekwa and Mr. Martin Luther Munu, both Researcher with the EPRC Department of Trade and Regional Integration on 18th October 2016.

The meeting discussed matters to do with Uganda’s interests and strategy in the East African Community, the impact of regional insecurity on Uganda’s economic interests in regard to affairs in Burundi, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The discussions were basically on the supply side constraints, which undermine Uganda's potential in taking advantage of regional markets, including S. Sudan,” Munu said after the meeting.

Uganda's foreign policy in the region has mainly been driven by security and strategic interests, although the case of S. Sudan has some economic considerations.

According to Munu, “this is because Uganda's exports to S. Sudan have considerably increased in the recent past and many Ugandans are earning their livelihoods by doing business in the young nation.”

“We always remain appreciative of the support from EPRC every time we come calling,” Nalubwama wrote in a short message to Sarah Ssewanyana, the Executive Director EPRC.

Much as Ugandan economy has grown over the years, both the private sector and agricultural sector have respectively remained weak and stagnant.