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As a precursor to development of a green growth strategy, Uganda has commissioned a study to assess the economic impacts of climate change on climate sensitive sectors.

The study that focused on 23 priority green growth opportunities in Uganda assessed the economic spanning the agriculture, industry and services, energy, and urban infrastructure sectors, indicates that green growth in Uganda could increase GDP by around 10% and reduce greenhouse emission by 30% by 2040 compared to business as usual.

The preliminary report produced by a consortium of partners, including Global Green Growth Institute, Economic Policy Research Centre, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, and the New Climate Economy,among others further shows that Uganda requires a twin-track strategy to implement green growth.

First, through getting the fundamental right such as macroeconomic stability, improving investment climate, governance and institutional capacity, financial sector reform, and investing in health and education. The second strategy prescribed in the report is the enhanced focus on the four key sectors of the economy; agriculture, energy, industry and cities to support structural transformation. 

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