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Access and Use of Credit in Uganda: Unlocking the dilemma of financing smallholder farmers
The paper examines the extent of access and use of credit by small holder farmers in Uganda. Despite several interventions in agricultural financing by government, access to credit by smallholder farmers has remained very low and stagnating over the years. The paper reviews information from the various agricultural financing initiatives government has implemented over the years. 
Constraints to Agricultural Technology Adoption in Uganda: Evidence from the 2005/06 - 2009/10 Uganda National Panel Survey
The study examines the determinants of improved agricultural technologies adoption in Uganda, using a nationally representative panel data set of 1,600 farming households, collected by the Ugandan Bureau of Statistics in 2005/6 and 2009/10. 
Macroeconomic and Sectoral Effects of the EAC Regional Integration on Uganda: A Recursive Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
This paper empirically examines the implications of the implementation of the EAC regional integration on the Ugandan economy. It adopts the General Equilibrium Model (CGE) for the analysis based on the Uganda 2007 Social Accounting Matrix. 
Comparing the Performance of Uganda's Intra-East African Community Trade and Other Trading Blocs: A Gravity Model Analysis
The paper examines the factors that determine Uganda's trade flows and compares the impact and performance of various trade blocs on Uganda's trade patterns and flows. The empirical question is whether Uganda's trade is getting more integrated in the East African Community region or is still dominated by other trading blocs, namely the European Union (EU), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and Asia. 
Constraints to Fertiliser Use in Uganda: Insights from Uganda Census of Agriculture 2008/09
Uganda's agriculture faces a multitude of challenges including low productivity, declining soil fertility and degradation of the natural resource base. To reverse and/or minimise the challenges, judicious use of fertilisers is highly recommended. Yet few agricultural households in Uganda use fertilisers, and when they are used, it is often in lower quantities than recommended. 
East African Regional Integration: Challenges in Meeting the Convergence Criteria for Monetary Union: A Survey
The realisation of a successful monetary union among East African Community partner states depends upon a sufficient degree of convergence of partners' economies to established criteria. This work integrates and synthesises various findings of the literature. 
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