Munu Passport photo1

By Martin Luther Munu

 According to the 2014 National Population and Housing Census Report, Uganda’s population was at 34.6 million people, which represents an...

Fragmention of Pension

By Brian Sserunjogi and Ezra Munyambonera

Pension systems are mechanisms through which individuals invest over time during their work life in order to guard against...

Miriam Nakazi Blog

By Florence Nakazi and Miriam Katunze

Farmer Groups (FGs) constitute a crucial component of a properly functioning agricultural system. They not only offer an...

Mildred Barungi

By Mildred Barungi

The role of agricultural extension systems

Agricultural extension service provision is expected to play an intermediary role between technology development by...

warehouse fig1

By Miriam Katunze and Brian Sserunjogi

Warehouse Receipt Systems (WRS) are mechanisms that allow farmers to access markets and financial services using their commodity as...


By Madina Guloba and Miriam Katunze

A large population of Ugandans are underemployed i.e. being either highly skilled but working in low paying jobs...

chart 2

Musa Mayanja Lwanga and Corti Paul Lakuma

The Bank of Uganda has steadily lowered its policy rate (Central Bank Rate (CBR)) from 17 percent...


Corti Paul Lakuma & Musa Mayanja Lwanga

In 2010, Uganda adopted the National Development Plan (NDP) framework aimed at positioning Uganda on a path...

Gemma Ahaibwe

Gemma Ahaibwe & Anita Ntale

March 8th, is international women’s day, marking a time in which to reflect upon and celebrate women’s progress on...


By Mildred Barungi, Francis Mwesigye and Musa Mayanja Lwanga


The Government of Uganda is desirous of inclusive growth, a situation where all citizens...


By Mawejje Joseph

Although Uganda has made progress in infrastructure development, the country still faces huge deficits across all sectors, including in transport, energy,...


By Mildred Barungi

Uganda’s agriculture sector is expected to contribute to wealth creation and employment along agricultural value chain in a sustainable manner. However,...

Rakesh Gupta

By Rakesh Gupta N. R.

As the country reels under an apparent slowdown, experts, academics, policy makers and politicians are providing several explanations to...

Rakesh Gupta

By Rakesh Gupta N. R.

Through the National Development Plan (NDP II), Uganda has prioritized the attainment of middle income status by 2020. This...


The 2014 census resultsillustrate Uganda’s potential to realize a demographic dividend if it invests in jobs creation. A demographic dividend arises out of...

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