Dr. John B. Ssekamatte-SsebulibaMember representing Public Sector, EPRC Board of Management

 John B. Ssekamatte-Ssebuliba, Ph. D is Head of Population and Social Sector Planning at the National Planning Authority in Uganda. He holds a Ph.D inDemography with special emphasis in Statistical Analysis of Demographic and Epidemiological Data and Manipulation and Interpretation of Sociological and Demographic Data from Incomplete Statistical Systems.

He has a Postdoctoral training in Monitoring and Evaluation of population, health and nutrition programs from University of North Carolina, and a Masters of Philosophy in Demography from Brown University United Sates, with particular emphasis in: Design and Implementation of Censuses and Large Surveys; Evaluation of Data and Data Collection Systems.  He is a member of the Uganda National Population Council, and formerly Head, Department of Population Studies in the Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics, Makerere University. 


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